Defining “Modern Anarchism”

Ask the average person to define “anarchy” and they will give you the “death, destruction, mayhem” definition, or at least something close to that. The word conjures up visions to them of people clad in all black throwing rocks through windows and setting trash cans of fire during the Occupy Movement or the 1999 Seattle WTO protests or the G8 summit a few years ago. They visualize hateful odoriferous protesters demanding free this and free that.

What they don’t know, or refuse to learn is, that “Anarchy” is also defined as “absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal“. The origins of the word come “via medieval Latin from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler’.” Meaning “anarchy” is simply that absence of force and the violation of consent.

Truth is, Anarchy is much more than that. It’s more than just the absence of a ruler. The idea has evolved over the years. It’s not just a non-government ideology anymore. It’s not just about one being able to do what they wish.

The ideology has evolved.

Like a vine, it has grown to reach and touch all parts of our lives. From the Non-Aggression Principle to Peaceful Parenting to UnSchooling to crypto-currencies to ride-sharing to the BlockChain to free source technology to crowdfunding to the modern homesteading movement. Anarchy is everywhere! And it’s still growing.

It’s the evolution of the idea that all human interaction should be voluntary. It’s the belief that force is only necessary in self-defense. It is the philosophical addition to the ideology. It’s the belief that the liberation of the mind and body from the will of others is the utmost translation of “liberty”. It is the evolutionary manifestation of the ideology that is “anarchy”.

This “vine”, this evolution of the ideology, is what I call “Modern Anarchism”.


Anarchy is “too complicated”?

I’ve heard a lot, a LOT, of excuses and reasons and rationalizations as to why Anarchism wouldn’t work. Everything from “gangs would take over” to “corporations would take over” to “people are too stupid to be free” to “who will feed the poor”, and the always popular, “but what about the roads?” But I heard/read a new one the other day that rendered me speechless…

I was told that Anarchy wouldn’t work because it’s “too complicated”.

“Too complicated”…. I sat there staring at that phrase for several minutes with my mouth agape and eye twitching. My fingers hovered over the keyboard awaiting a signal from my brain to respond, but none came. I couldn’t respond. My mind had gone blank in the face of this justification for Statism; this utterly ridiculous statement that somehow seemed logical in their disfigured and unthinking mind. This twisted and warped belief that in someway made sense to them had wiped my mind of all cognitive ability to function.

Sadly, by the time I shook off this illogical left-hook the thread had turned into a moshpit of appeals to authority and straw man fallacies with ad hominem‘s being tossed around like beads at Mardi Gras. I had lost the opportunity to educate and inform, or at least hopefully instigate some thought, as to how misinformed and illogical their opinion was.

Had I had the opportunity to respond I would have told them that Anarchy is as uncomplicated as things get. It is the simplest and most ordered way of living.

The dictionary defines it as “without rulers” but I believe that it can be summed up quite nicely as simply the absence of violation of consent. That’s it. I can’t say it any simpler than that. Anarchy is the freedom to choose for oneself. It’s not complicated at all. It’s actually rather simple.

It is respect, or at least courtesy, for your fellow man. It is respect for the freedoms and choices of others. It is the absence of force upon others and is the purest translation of “Don’t Tread On Me”. It is the absence of financial slavery (taxation, fiat currency, forced debt). It is the absence of caging people for victimless crimes. It is the absence of unjust war. It is the absence of sanctioned oppression and violating the liberty of others. Anarchy couldn’t be simpler.

Government cannot exist without oppression, theft, force. It cannot exist without suppressing people’s liberty. It cannot exist without taxation (theft). It cannot without point guns at people to force compliance. The federal tax code is almost 75,000 pages long! ObamaCare alone created more than 20,000 pages of regulations for the healthcare and health insurance industries! We have thousands of new laws going into effect every year nationwide. We pay taxes to the city, county, state, federal government, social security before we even get our paychecks. We have laws regulating the length, green-ness, and type of grass in our front yards. And heaven forbid you wanna put a garden in your front yard! The government sends men with guns to your home if they even THINK you might have broken one of their laws. I could go on and on and on and on here but i’ve made my point. Literally every aspect of our lives are regulated in some way by government.

If anything is “too complicated”, it’s government not anarchy.

The Immorality Of Importing Syrian “Refugees”

I’ve been kinda silent on the whole Syrian “refugee” thing mainly because it’s a no-win point skewed with emotion instead of logic. Somebody is gonna take issue with my opinion and call me either a terrorist lover or cold-hearted or whatever quasi-politically correct nomenclature the SJW’s are using this week. But, since somebody asked here goes my two cents…

First off, I have no issue with immigration illegal or otherwise. I’m an anarchist. I don’t support open borders, I support no borders. I believe people should be free to migrate as they see fit. What’s the difference between moving across town and moving across an invisible line? I don’t see a difference personally. The grass is always greener over there, right?

Now with that being said, I don’t support this whole Syrian “refugee” thing for the simple reason that it’s not immigration. It’s importation. I support the free movement of people and not the tax-payer funded relocation. Because, as I mentioned earlier, I am an anarchist, I don’t support the government doing anything. Government cannot exist without theft, force, and coercion. These things I adamantly stand opposed to. Now if they wanted to come here on their own dime or if some private organization funded with donation wanted to bring them here (which is illegal by the way..thanks government. ), then cool. I got no issue with that.

And I know somebody is going to go all “but they’re fleeing our bombs and ISIS!!” on this so let me get it out of the way. Fuck ISIS. And fuck the US government. It’s WELL documented that the US government created ISIS. John McCain took pics with them. The US Senate voted 78-22 to arm the Syrian “Rebels” who was publicly known to be aligned with al Qaeda. One of the shooters in the San Bernadino attack that killed 14 people was not only aligned with ISIS but passed the exact same “Department of Homeland Security counter-terrorism screening” that is being used to vet the Syrian “refugees” . …which causes me to question the whole vetting process (DHS/CIA stooge on the phone: Uh, hey ISIS. Is this person one of you guys? …no. Okay, cool. We’ll bring them to America then.) but that’s another issue.

Anyway, back on point… So because I don’t not support the government doing anything because they are funded by theft, force, and coercion, I do not support the importation of Syrian “refugees”. I do not support the bombings that are killing innocent people. I do not support the US governments involvement in trying to oust Assad. I do not support the use of “extremist groups” to destabilize foreign governments, such as the US government using al Qaeda in Libya.

So, what is my solution? First, stop bombing Syria and stop funding & arming ISIS. Stop killing innocent people and dropping bombs on hospitals. Stop creating martyrs and creating an entire generation of people pissed off at the US & it’s allies. Have Turkey stop buying oil from ISIS. Allow private organizations to build temporary refugee centers in Syria while they rebuild their homes, help them farm and create businesses, and build schools. in short, stop feeding the monster.

PS: General Wesley Clark said on March 2, 2007 “…we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”